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Ricky Mataka Slingly Review & Huge Bonus (Commercify 2.0)

Ricky Mataka Slingly Review & Huge Bonus (Commercify 2.0)! Slingly Review: an ultimate platform to build your e-commerce store completely on automation with only a few settings in the first stage.

Slingly Review – Product Summary

Creator: Ricky Mataka
Product: Slingly (Commercify 2.0)
Launch Date: May 1, 2017
Launch Time: 11:00 EDT
Official Price: $1297
Official Website: Click here
Recommend: highly recommended
Customer support: Fast response

Slingly Review – Introduction to Slingly

Hi there and welcome to my Slingly review. Slingly is a phenomenal e-commerce platform with tons of great functions and there are many people waiting for its launch. While many reviews all over the Internet focus only on its price, my Slingly review will bring a deeper evaluation of this software. So, stay tuned!
Firstly, do you know that nearly 70% customers are willing to do online shopping on international online stores?
And have you heard the fact that online discounts attract the attention of more than 65% of Internet users?
Those facts are just to show you that how fast the world of online e-commerce business is growing, and you will be a fool if standing out of this trend.
To support all online marketers and anyone who want to join the online shopping market, Ricky Mataka has built a monster automation system. Its name is Slingly.
With its cool features, this killer software is promised to automate all of your hard works doing online businesses. Everything required to build and engaging store online is done for you and ready to skyrocket your profit.
While the results sound nice, you still have to know the real truth about this software before buying. Read my Slingly review carefully to get the complete answer for yourself.

Slingly Review – What exactly is Slingly?

Slingly is an ultimate platform to build your e-commerce store completely on automation with only a few settings in the first stage. Especially, this platform also provides extra tools for you to track, record, and analyze the customer data and advertising information. This is very important for optimizing your system and scaling your business for even bigger profit.
This software is designed carefully so its functions fit all kinds of niches and products. You can sell almost everything on your Slingly stores such as physical products, T-shirts, digital products, and much more.
Are you curious about the man behind this software? Let’s read some basic details about Ricky in the next part of my Slingly review.

Slingly Review – Who Is The Creator Of Slingly

Ricky Mataka is the creator of Slingly. He is known as a product selling experts with a deep root in the internet marketing industry. Ricky is also an advanced programmer whose many applications used by big companies all over the world.
Until now, Ricky Mataka has reached over 17-year experience as a software developer with 15 great and powerful products. For building Slingly, he has spent months of hard working and the result deserves that effort.
To know more about the killer features of Slingly, we will walk together in the following part of this Slingly review.

Slingly Review – What are the great features of Slingly?

Designed to Fit Any Niches and Product types
Slingly is well made to help you build professional stores to sell anything you want. You can sell physical products, software, books, T-shirts, and anything else you choose for your business.

Optimized Formula for Facebook Ads Targeting
This is the real backbone of the power that Slingly offers. This feature provides you with a perfect formula to run advertising on Facebook, you just need to enter your data and let it run.

Plentiful Library of professional images
Slingly image storage offers you highly converting graphics assets that you can use in your stores and ads. This will boost the effectiveness and conversion of all your work to even higher level.

100% Automated Fulfillment
You don’t have to worry anything about the inventory because Slingly takes care of that for you. You just need to choose the product you want to sell and promote it online. Everything else is handled by Slingly.

1 Click Shopify Catalog System
Slingly has a built-in catalog of products which are crazy hot on the market at your time, and you just need a single click to get all of them to your Shopify store. The process is designed to be simplest for anyone.

Slingly Review – Who Should Buy Slingly?

It’s an online store platform, so Slingly supports anyone who wants to build a store and get their online business running by selling products.

This software is the best fit for all online business owners, affiliate marketers, and even complete newbies who just want to join this industry.

Slingly Review – Pros And Cons

Pros of Slingly:

  • Smoothly working system with valuable features
  • 100% web-based and easy to use
  • Great customer support from Ricky support team

Cons of Slingly:
You have to choose products inside the library of Slingly to sell and promote, no outside product is accepted.

Slingly Review – My Verdict

This Slingly is proven by many previous users and testers to work and it can generate even 6-figure income for them. You can save a lot of time and money building sites with Slingly, in comparison with other platforms in the market.
Slingly also provides users with some huge libraries so they can carry out the business without any hesitation. It is an incredible software in general.

Moreover, Slingly is going to be a launch discount on this May 1, 2017, so be sure to check it out right below!

Slingly Review – Conclusion

To summarize everything in this Slingly review, I recommend all online marketers to get this system. This online platform is a huge offer and it works flawlessly. You will see a burst of traffic, conversions, and sales with stores and products that Slingly provides. Buying the license of Slingly is one of the best choices you can make in this 2017.

If you want to buy a Slingly account at the discount price, click the button below to get to the discount page of Slingly and secure your slot!

This is the end of my Slingly review. I hope that all information I have provided can help you to make your best decision. If you get into any troubles buying Slingly, please contact me through this page so we can handle it as soon as possible. Thank you for reading!

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